What is Turkish delight and what is this oriental sweet made of?


To put it simply, Turkish delight is a confectionery product that is very popular in the eastern states and is considered a traditional dish of the Balkan Peninsula.

In almost every grocery store or supermarket you can find this amazing delicacy. It looks like small pieces of a rectangular or square shape, and sometimes oval, which are sprinkled with powdered sugar.

There are a huge number of varieties of this sweetness (about 600 species). Five main types can be distinguished from a wide range:

What is Turkish delight made from? It all depends on the recipe and variety. The traditional ingredients are:

Sometimes nuts, some berries or fruits are added to the composition, they can be replaced with candied fruits or juices. Instead of sugar, in some cases, honey or molasses is used. For decoration, take coconut flakes. In Turkey and Syria, Turkish delight is a sweet that contains flour. If it was not used in cooking, then such a delicacy is called “shaker-delight”.

Interesting to know: although these sweets can have a variety of exotic fillings, the simplest option is to use rose water in the preparation, which colors the sweetness in a characteristic shade.
There is practically no fat in Turkish delight, however, 90% of its composition is sugar. For density in a natural product, soluble acacia gum or gum arabic (food additive E414), which is an acacia resin, is used. However, most often, gelatin is used instead of this additive to reduce the cost of the process, but such a dessert cannot be compared with real sweets in taste.

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